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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2021. Well, we made it through and, although it’s been bumpy, the world kept spinning, the lights stayed on and British car factories continued to churn out British cars. I hope that everyone in the AROnline community saw in the New Year in a style commensurate with current events – thoughtful about the past and potentially optimistic for the future. We all have to be, really.

As always I’ve made a few of my own New Year’s resolutions, although I have no idea why I continue to do so, as it seems I never manage to stick to them. Last year’s ambition to own a CityRover came to nought as I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for small, unremarkable Audis (not my words, but the words of famed car designer Steve Harper). At the beginning of 2020, I opined that I should buy fewer cars, and it did look good until about September, when in the end I had a bit of a splurge, which included a Jaguar X350, Ford Focus ST170, Renault Megane Scenic, Audi A3 and an Audi 80 CD. A British car will be joining the action, soon…

New Year’s resolutions? You break them. Well, I do anyway.

As far as AROnline is concerned, I continue to update the site, and can’t see a reason to stop. It’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which is good. I really, really hope that, when I celebrate it in the autumn, I’ll be able to meet some of you… I’m hoping we can gather at the British Motor Museum.

Finally, let’s do what we do best, and remember the anniversaries that are coming up in 2020. Most amazingly, it will be 50 years since the launch of the Morris Marina and 20 years since the BMW-financed MINI (R50) went on sale.


The big ones for 2021 will be

So, there’s much to discuss in 2021. The anniversaries will be fun, but there will be so much more, too. I’m also hoping that 2021 will finally see the fruition of AROnline’s next print project – and, hopefully, Mike Humble and I will be on video, with our first YouTube project, too!

Happy New Year, and good riddance 2020!

Keith Adams


  1. Thanks Keith – and a very happy New Year to you and everyone who has the appreciation of finer things and reads (and contributes) to these hallowed pages.

  2. Hi Keith,

    As I write this we are ten minutes into the New Year – not seen any improvements yet!

    Yes, Wayne is our eldest son. I can’t think where he got the ‘car bug’ from!

  3. Happy / Miserable New Year everyone! (delete as appropriate).

    I think we should have a happy Mid-Summer’s day – hopefully, by then, we will be in a better place.

    25 years since the TVR Cerbera, blimey time does fly.

  4. ARO is a key part of retaining some sense of normality, so please keep it up!

    Pedants’ Corner: The third-generation Range Rover was launched in 2001 under the (BMW Group) designation of L30. This was switched to L322 shortly afterwards to fit in with the Ford project naming system. I’ll get my coat…

  5. The problem with that list of forthcoming 40-50-60 year anniversaries is that it’s also made me realise how old I am! I can remember too many of them.

  6. Happy New Year to all, although I’m afraid there won’t be much change. COVID is still around in a mutated form and before everyone is vaccinated it will be the best part of a year, so…

    Sorry if I sound gloomy, but I think – for the time being – this is the new reality we will have to learn to deal with.

  7. Wow – nearly 20 years since the X-Type Jag launched! I still remember seeing my first one on the M25 and it doesn’t seem that long ago. Scary how the years pass faster as we get older.

    Anyway, another Happy New Year to all – let’s hope our expectations are achieved.

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