More book talk : it’s back in stock but what next?

Keith Adams

Rover 75/MG ZT - the definitive story in print?
Rover 75/MG ZT – the definitive story in print?

For all those who were disappointed to miss one of the initial bach, Roy Axe’s autobiography A Life in Style is back in stock on the AROnline shop. Delivery should be 3-5 days and I’ll be selling them at the discounted rate of £12.50.

The book is now a permanent addition to the shop and, in the coming months and years, I’d like to add more similar titles as well as model-specific titles. I’ve been talking to our printers and I should be able to produce a high-quality hardback book that’s slightly smaller than A4 sized for around £20 per copy. My current thoughts are that we produce the definitive and, in part, untold story of the Rover 75/MG ZT.

Who’d be up for one of those?

Keith Adams


  1. The idea of a book on 75 / ZT certainly interests me. I am led to believe that the Owners Club now has over 10,000 members so I’m sure a few of them would be interested too.

  2. A 75/ZT book would be interesting, as would a book on the “Zeds” in general and how they were developed from the Rover models.

    It would be quite a big book, but I’m sure there would also be a market for a book incorporating all of the BL/AR development stories on this site – I know they can be read online but if nicely presented with colour pictures, etc, I reckon it could be a good seller.

  3. Hello, first comment on site, I’d love to see this book, a real ‘coffee table’ book, something hard back, loads of crisp colour photos, press pictures, adverts, a difinitive history on the car – Aye I’d pay good money for that.

  4. The Roy Axe book arrived this morning and I have already read most of it – a well written and enjoyable book to read.  
    The Rover 75 book sounds of interest too, complete with a mention of the MG ZT. Keith – if you do decide to persue this, send me an email as I might have some useful information and photographs to aid you (depending on the depth you are looking to cover).

  5. Like the idea of a book on the 75/ZT.
    Another thought is why not a book about Harris Mann to cover BL Styling in the 1970’s and early 80’s.

  6. Mine’s just arrived too, although its about to be squirreled away for Christmas! Top quality publication, interesting pics (many seem to be new ie not previously seen online) and looks like a really interesting read, especially the Chrysler stuff, which again is largely new to me. And that for me is the killer point – a book on the 75 needs to include a lot of new information, not seen before on the site. Not a commercially attractive point, of course, but I don’t know that we can get away from it. The last line in Roy’s book is so sad: ‘I hope to retain that enthusiasm for a few years yet’….

  7. I would like to see the Rover 75 story sent to Ken Gibson of The Sun to get rid of the myths and half truths that these tabloid (so-called) Journalists have been spewing out about this machine.

    Oh, and yes, after I have bought my copy of Roy Axe’s biography, I certainly *will* be interested in this book 🙂

  8. Another book idea – how about a book devoted to mini autobiographies for Sir Michael Edwardes, Harold Musgrove and Sir Graham Day? All three had the ‘top’ job and while Sir Michael did write an interesting book called ‘Back from the Brink’ in 1983, it did arrive rather too soon after he had left the company. Certainly he may well have had additional thoughts that would not have been so salient at the time of writing the book, not having the same benefit of hindsight and also not considering wider issues than just the fight with the unions, de-centralising operations and battling for ongoing Government support.

    All three will have a very interesting story to tell about their role in trying to steer Britan’s largest vehicle manufacturer towards more prosperous waters. And, to my knowledge, all three are still with us.

    Mini autobiographies under one title would be a far more realistic proposition than individual full autobiographies.

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