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Two disputes affecting the car industry in Coventry today arise from the dismissal of shop stewards. At the Courthouse Green works of Morris Motors, Ltd., where 50 men walked out after a steward was dismissed for allegedly using abusive language to a foreman, 400 men had to be sent home at lunchtime; the management gave warning that if the strike continued some 600 more employees would probably have to be laid off tomorrow.

The dismissed steward is a member of the Transport and General Workers’ Union. Mr W. Lapworth, a local official of the union, said they had no statement to make. A shop steward from the same union was dismissed by the Car Collection Company and is the centre of another dispute. The delivery drivers of the firm claim that the dismissal was unwarranted and they have given seven days’ notice of their intention to strike. They are asking that the case be decided by an independent arbitrator. The Car Collection Company deliver vehicles to the docks for the Coventry companies of the Rootes Group, Standard, and Jaguar.

BMC Courthouse Green , Coventry Dispute

Sixty men in the cylinder block machine section stopped work in protest against the sacking. And by lunch-time yesterday 400 men had been laid off through the delay in production. This morning about a thousand workers will be hit. And if the strike continues more may be sent home.

At another B.M.C. factory, Morris Commercial Cars, Birmingham , 400 men are idle because of a strike of thirty-two maintenance electricians. This dispute is over the refusal of Electrical Trades Union members to work with a non-union man. One production line is already at a standstill.

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