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A strike by male supervisors to get wages parity with women they supervise is threatening thousands of Coventry car jobs this week. The pickets , outside Triumph’s two strikebound factories in Liverpool , carry placards saying : “We want equal pay with women.”

The 230 strikers are production controllers and white-collar staff at the plants, which make the Toledo and supply sports car bodies to the Midlands. They say that a 20 per cent pay offer must be doubled to bring them level with shopfloor workers . Already 2,300 are idle in Liverpool, and British Leyland expects big lay-offs in Coventry by midweek. The strikers are not due to meet again until Thursday. One said yesterday :

“The situation is farcical. I get £25 a week basic and give orders to men earning nearly £20 a week more. What has annoyed us most is the fact that the women who clean the lavatories get more than we do. These and the girls in the sewing room treat us as inferiors.”

Keith Adams

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