Modified Metros : Turbo Technics

Turbo Technics cashed in on the popularity of the aftermarket turbo conversion throughout the 1980s; as the years passed, it conversions became increasingly wild. Thankfully, this Metro was reasonably mild…

Turbo Technics Metro TT

Like Janspeed, the Lincolnshire based tuning firm produced the Metro TT as a tuning kit for anyone who had already bought a car but seeked a little bit more. The Turbo Technics route was a little more simple than the Janspeed version, relying on a Garratt AiResearch T3 (or Rotomaster) charger fitted onto a converted inlet manifold, but the price of £825 was justified by the addition of electronic ignition. The results were a little less impressive than the Janspeed version, as the figures obtained by What Car? magazine indicate (0-60mph in 9.7secs, 105mph maximum speed).

Keith Adams

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