Modified Metros : Janspeed Turbo

Janspeed had been around for years, offering a range of tuning parts for cars as diverse as the Ford Fiesta and the Rover 3500. The Janspeed Metro was offered as an off-the-shelf conversion, which paved the way for the 1983 MG Metro Turbo.

Janspeed Metro Turbo

Jan O’Dor’s tuning firm produced this car as an add-on kit for anyone that thought that their standard Metro 1.3S was not quite quick enough. The version in the photograph also included after market wheels, lowered suspension and side stripes, but these were extras over and above the not unreasonable £857 conversion price. What modifications were included and what were the results:

Carburetion was changed so that a single, twin-choke ‘blow-through’ Dellorto, similar to the SU set-up in the later MG Metro Turbo arrangement…

Performance (source: What Car?) 0-60mph: 8.6secs – Maximum speed: 110mph

Keith Adams

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  1. lowering and wheels, not bad, graphics…mmmm, bit cheesy, it is a shame that companies these days only seem to convert high end cars and not the bread an butter models.

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