Our Cars : The Rover 620’s gone but not forgotten

Keith Adams 

Rover 600: Gone but not forgotten
Rover 600: Gone but not forgotten

My ever-changing fleet has shrunk by one over the weekend. Regular followers of AROnline on Facebook and Twitter will already know this but, as of Saturday, I am no longer the owner of my lovely Rover 620. Seems that I am such a masochist that, when something good like that car comes into my life – you know, something that starts, works and keeps working, I have to get shot. 

Anyway, that’s why in a dark, wet and gloomy car park at the NEC, I accepted a buff envelope stuffed with (some) cash from regular reader Neil Rapsey and handed him the keys to my car. Seems silly given that I like it a lot – but I crave drama in my life, so it had to go. Sorry. 

I know it’ll give Neil years of service given how well its former keeper Andy Jones cherished it and, so far, he seems very happy with it. What, though, shall I replace it with? Something unreliable and full of character no doubt.

Keith Adams


  1. I can’t believe that I was buying a car in the dark in a almost empty car park in Birmingham – not the best buying advice to give someone!!

    However, I had no worries because the car was exactly as Keith had described it – a very well cared for and cherished example of this Honda Accord-based saloon and a real credit to Andy Jones.

    Anyway, over the coming weeks and months, I’ll keep updates coming and, in that time, hopefully some upgrades too. Firstly, though, I’m on the look out for a bootlid to replace the scratched original.

  2. @Neil Rapsey
    I love the look of your Rover 600 and am sure it will not disappoint, having been owned by Keith. I enjoyed my former company Honda Accord in 1997-2000 and think the Rover version looked even better. Good luck!

  3. I always preferred the 600 to the 800 in terms of styling and the Honda engines -2.0 and 2.3 – were the better options compared to the 1.8. The 623 GSi Auto was just like a motorised sofa!!!

    The 600 looked better than the Honda Accord of its time, in my humble opinion.

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